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The Voice of Thriving on Grace:

I’m Kristen, creator of Thriving on Grace, single mama of one beautiful baby girl. We are a Christian family trying to do our best to keep Christ at the center of our home and we are no strangers to struggles along the way. We do love, grace, forgiveness, friendship, courage, honesty, and kindness! I am a childhood cancer survivor and, as a result, I was raised to be health conscious, to do whatever we could to keep ourselves healthy. I am very much an advocate for nontoxic living and my passion is to help others remove toxins from their homes and everyday products. You can’t prevent everything, but you can guard against a whole lot!

I am grateful to my mother for instilling a strong will to live the best life I can and to always read nutritional labels. I’m grateful for my sister for lighting an even deeper spark in me, igniting my interest in the world of cooking, food production, health and wellness! We’ve found that the more we’ve all learned, the more we want to know.

I wanted to join the online community and be a voice for good in the sometimes shadowy world of cyber space. I want to share things I’ve learned while on this journey toward whole mind and body wellness from my perspective as a young Christian mother. I have walked some hard roads, as I am sure many of you have, and I am here to tell my story of HOPE because I feel God’s hope in all circumstances. I’ll discuss all kinds of topics here from motherhood, parenting, single mom life, grief from parent loss, grief from knowing loved ones battling addictions, hope through cancer (my own battle as well as loved ones), and just about anything in-between. I share my honest perspectives while trying to stay positive. I am also very passionate about living life WELL and showing that through how we cook and eat. Delicious AND healthy, lacking nothing!

I also want to interact with others who may have similar goals, share inspirations, and learn from them. I hope you find something of help or positive value to you on my blog, regardless of your faith, stage of life, or worldview. Thanks for being here, friends!

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