Welcome to Thriving on Grace

This is a positive place focusing on uplifting others through the extension of love and grace. It’s also a place to draw and share inspiration through creative expression of food, health, and relationships.

Wellness Begins with the Mind

I am a passionate advocate for nurturing the soul first and not just treating the symptoms later. Nothing in this world matters more to me than spiritual and mental peace. This is sometimes a touchy subject, as people are far more comfortable discussing their workout routine or meal plan than they are discussing deeper matters of the mind and soul. Yet I am here to tell you that if I don’t have peace in my mind and heart, I honestly cannot function! That seems obvious, right? Yet it’s happened before where I focus much more energy on other things and neglect to care for my state of mind. Sure, working out and eating well definitely have proven to contribute to a healthy and strong mind. But it’s in those times, where I’ve neglected my relationship with God, that I’ve noticed the lies of negativity seeping into my heart and begin to wreck my overall well-being. For me, my mind must start with Jesus and draw peace from Him every single day. A healthy lifestyle greatly improves my mental peace, yet the foundation of it all has to be rested on God. I can not do it alone! Spiritual peace and overall health is something that is always a work in progress to maintain. It’s a relationship to build with my eternal Father in Heaven. It’s here on this blog that I will share experiences relating to overall wellness from my perspective as a Christian trying to live a genuine life full of purpose.

Food That’s Healthy, Simple & Flavorful

My recipes and adaptations of recipes have been described by family and friends as simple, flavorful and healthy twists of classic dishes. I will always try to put a healthy spin on any recipe and never compromise flavor! I love the intriguing element of texture, explosions of flavor, and gorgeous colors in a meal. I was brought up on the melting pot of west coast flavor, bred to eat, sleep and breathe avocados, and always honoring my Italian heritage. These factors make it clear why my cooking style is heavy on the Mediterranean side with an even heavier influence from south of the border. But I love food from a diverse array of cultures and enjoy taking principles and ideas from various cultures to pull one delicious meal together! My life and health has been changed overwhelmingly for the better by following a whole foods, plant based diet. It’s here I will share the phenomenal recipes that healed my body and strengthened my soul. My main goal with this platform is to draw and share inspiration, and also to share realistic yet deliciously satisfying ways to eat more plants. I do not expect the world to become vegan/vegetarian, but what I do hope is that people may learn the true power of plants and perhaps through my suggestions or the resources I provide here, are able to gain the knowledge and power to implement a more plant based lifestyle. I also have insight I will share on transitioning a family to a plant based lifestyle. Regardless of where you are in life, I hope you will find something of help or interest to you here.

Hilariously Real and Honest Mothering

I will not pretend to be anywhere near an expert mother. I’m a sleepless mess sometimes but I love my daughter with every fiber of my being! I’m just a momma trying to do her best like everyone else…. and trying to bring some humor (and sanity) to my mom game! You know, for those moments as a mom where you are so overwhelmed and yet so in love that you don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream? Maybe all at once? But I am a firm believer in always being real enough to be able to laugh at yourself, or at least bring a positive spin on a situation. “Sure, my daughter just threw up on her new shirt I just put on her, but hey – dress up is always fun, right?” It is my challenge to always try to walk in love and bring positive energy everywhere I go. It’s definitely always a work in progress but I strive for genuine positivity in all aspects of life. It takes faith in action to make this happen. This is my journey as I try to make a happy, healthy and positive life a reality for myself and my family.

I love all motherhood related topics, especially: home birthing, breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, positive parenting, having a peaceful home, honest mothering, baby wearing, child-led learning, cloth diapering, natural products, and much more!

Join me as I strive to keep mind, body, and faith sharp. Take a look around…. stay awhile!